Project solutions

Plasma cutting machine automatic cutting
Mar 01, 2016

(1) automatic cutting is mainly suitable for cutting thicker workpieces. Select "cut thick select" switch position.
(2) wheel after removing cutting torch, cutting torch with the semi-automatic cutting machine joins the substantial random couplings are available in the annex.
(3) join semi-automatic cutting machine power, according to the workpiece shape, install rails or rods (for straight line cutting guide when cutting circles or arcs, you should select the rods).
(4) if the torch switch plug under changing remote control switch on the plug (supplied accessories are available).
(5) according to the thickness of the workpiece, adjust the appropriate speed. And semi-automatic cutting machine on the "down", "smooth" switch is in the cutting direction.
(6) adjust the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece to 3~8mm, and adjust the center position of the nozzle to the kerf of the workpiece on the start bar.
(7) on remote control switch, cut through the workpiece after opening semi-automatic cutting machine power switch can be cut. In the initial stages of mutilation, should always pay attention to cutting, adjust it using the appropriate cutting speed. And two machines working properly at all times.
(8) cutting is completed, turn off the power switch on the remote control switch and semi-automatic cutting machine. At this point, completed the entire process.

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