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Plasma cutting machine theory and characteristics
Dec 05, 2017

working principle:

Plasma cutting machine is a new type of thermal cutting equipment. Its working principle is that the compressed gas of oxygen, acetylene or propane is used as working gas and the high temperature and high speed flame (or plasma arc) is used as a heat source to locally melt the metal to be cut and at the same time, the melted metal is blown Go, forming a narrow slit. The device not only cutting speed, narrow slit, incision, heat affected zone is small, the workpiece deformation is low, simple operation, but also has significant energy saving, material-saving effect.


  1, rack gantry structure, system rigidity, high transmission precision.

2, bilateral drive, smooth operation.

3, flame / plasma dual-use CNC cutting system, easy to operate.

4, automatic AcadRcam graphics programming software, nesting simple

Plasma cutting machine

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