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Solutions for laser marking machine
Mar 01, 2016

Marking machine solution follows: laser resonators; tuning resonant cavity lenses. Spot the best second offset or acousto-optic Crystal sound and light power output low energy; adjustment of acousto-optic Crystal position or increase the sound and light power operating current c into the scanner's laser off Center: adjust laser II still sensitive enough about current 20A: krypton lamp aging, replace with new lamp.
Marking machine solutions: ① check all power connections lines second high pressure krypton lamp aging, replacement krypton lamp. Operation laser playing standard machine note matters ① is strictly prohibited no water or water cycle not normal situation Xia started laser power and adjustable Q power; II not allows Q power no-load work (that adjustable Q power output end loft); ③ appeared exception phenomenon, first close vibration mirror switch and key switch, again line check; II not allows in krypton lamp lit Qian started other component, case high pressure channeling into damaged component; ⑤ note laser power output end (anode) loft, case and other electrical sparking, and breakdown; ⑥ keep within cycle water clean. To clean the water tank regularly and for clean deionized water or pure water.

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