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Application Of Laser Marking Machine In Marking And Engraving
Aug 17, 2017

                  As we all know, each product in the market after the fixed on the product to the user to show the factory identification, brand differentiation, product parameters and other information signs. It is also known as the sign, mainly used to identify the manufacturer's information and product ratings under the conditions of some basic technical data for the correct use of the user without damaging the laser equipment. Nameplate of the production materials have metal and non-metallic categories, metal types have zinc alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and so on, aluminum materials in the actual application of more, this is because the aluminum material processing of the sign effect is relatively beautiful, and material wear-resistant, not easy to rust.Laser Marking Machine

                 The only valid "identity coding" as a product is self-evident, such as the marking of product models, specifications, production batches, production dates, and so on, especially in large-scale production, where thousands of different metal nameplates are numbered. How can we accomplish this efficiently? It has to be said that this is no longer a problem for laser marking machines. Traditional marking method of marking the surface is more rough, and time-consuming, and the use of laser marking machine can avoid this kind of malpractice, laser marking good contrast, smooth surface, high precision, fast, so that the product looks more grade.Laser Marking Machine

                 Nowadays, laser marking machine has become a common technology of product identification, and its application scope is more and more extensive. So the speed of marking, the effect of fine, adaptable and maintenance-free, and other unique advantages make the laser marking machine quickly become the best choice for marking.Laser Marking Machine

                 Laser marking machine using scanning method marking, the laser beam incident to the two mirrors, the use of computer-controlled scanning motor to drive mirrors along the x, Y axis, laser beam focusing on the work of the marked workpiece, thus forming a mark of laser marks. Laser marking can play a variety of text, symbols and patterns, character size can be from millimeters to micron level, which has a special meaning for the product security.Laser Marking Machine

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