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The Production Efficiency Of CNC Router Machine
Oct 23, 2017

Milling cutter is better than the first to improve production efficiency and the use of large cutting the amount of the need for the second is to adapt to the process of CNC milling machine difficult to adjust the amount of cutting characteristics.CNC Router

 When the workpiece around the margin difference between the general, the general milling machine encountered this situation is easy to take a layered milling method to be resolved, and CNC milling must be required according to the procedures of the knife path forward, If the milling cutter has to return to the origin, it is necessary to change the cutting surface height or increase the tool radius compensation value from the beginning of processing, more than a few knives. But this is bound to cause less margin of the place often go empty knife, reducing the production efficiency, such as tool rigidity is not necessary to do so CNC Router

Milling cutter cutting edge of the geometric angle parameters of the choice and chip removal performance is also very important, the formation of chip sticky chip in the NC milling is very taboo. In short, according to the workpiece processing material heat treatment state, cutting performance and processing margin, select the rigidity, durability of the cutter, is to give full play to the production efficiency of CNC milling machine and obtain a satisfactory processing quality of the premise.CNC Router

Milling cutters are generally designed and manufactured for specific workpieces or machined parts and are suitable for the specific shape (eg angle, groove, etc.) of the machined flat parts, and also for special holes or units. Milling head part of the level (or stepless) gearbox and milling head composed of two components. The milling head spindle is supported on a high precision bearing. To ensure that the spindle has a high rotation accuracy and good rigidity; spindle with quick tool change nut, the front cone with 1 $ 0505 taper; spindle with mechanical stepless speed, its wide range of adjustment, smooth transmission, easy to operate.CNC Router

Brake mechanism can make the spindle fast braking, can save auxiliary time, brake brakes through the brake lever to stop the ring so that the spindle immediately brake. When starting the main motor, be careful to release the spindle brake handle. Milling head parts are also equipped with servo motor, internal gear pulley, ball screw and spindle sleeve, they form a vertical (z direction) feed chain, so that the vertical axis of the vertical movement.CNC Router

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