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Industry Plasma Cutting Machine

Industry Plasma Cutting Machine DW1325

Industry Plasma Cutting Machine DW1325

Industry Plasma Cutting Machine DW1325
Processing thickness:0.5-30mm
Plasma current:40A-200A
Work mode:Non-contact arc striking
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Industry Plasma Cutting Machine DW1325

Plasma cutting is a processing method that utilizes the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to melt or partially melt (and evaporate) a metal portion at a workpiece cut and to remove molten metal by high-speed plasma momentum.

Description of Industry Plasma Cutting Machine DW1325

★Welded lathe bed of thick-wall profiled steel, more solid and stable.
★Reasonable lathe table design, 10 mm thickness steel plates fixed on lathe table covered by cast sheath with spikes. Steel plates will not be damaged even under raging flame. The level difference of whole double-deck platform remains in 0-1.5mm.
★Advanced material inclined discharging design. All finished work pieces and fragments slide into both sides of tunnel for safe and convenient collection.
★Panasonic Servo motor, Taiwan servo speed reducing device and high accuracy rack transmission.Lower noise, stable and accurate coordinate movement.

★China made Huayuan Plasma source or American hyperthem or Thermadyne plasma source together with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster. Self-adjusting to choose the best distance between plasma head and work piece automatically in order to ensure cutting accuracy.
★ Best choice for all kinds of different thickness material and heterotypic sheet cutting.

Machine Specification




Working area(customizable)



Processing thickness




Working voltage

AC 220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ

Cutting speed


Traveling speed


Plasma current


Plasma source brand

China Huayuan /USA Hypertherm/USA Thermadyne

Power frequency


File transfer



Beijing Start

Torch Height controller (THC)

Beijing Start

Work mode

Non-contact arc striking

Applications of the Industry Plasma Cutting Machine:

1)Applicable Industries: Processing shells of machinery and electronic products, advertising signs,  electrical accessories, board cutting.

2)Applicable materials:metal sheets such as Iron sheets ,Aluminum sheets ,galvanized sheets,Tianium plates

Features of the Industry Plasma Cutting Machine DW1325

1. The frame adopts all-welded structure, which is firm and reasonable, easy to operate and durable.

2. Cutting speed and high precision. The cutting mouth is small, neat and has no slag. On the basis of the traditional numerical control system, the control method for cutting is improved, and the secondary dressing processing is avoided.

3. The CNC system is configured high. Automatic arc ignition, stable performance, the success rate of arc ignition is more than 99%.

4. The control system uses U disk to exchange processing files, which is convenient and quick to operate.

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