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Large format 2000x6000mm CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Metal Cutting

Large format 2000x6000mm CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Metal Cutting

This machine is cnc plasma cutting machine, it can be used for metal cutting, including, iron, aluminum, steel, etc. This model could bear very heavy loading on it, for example, 20mm or 30mm, 1300x2500mm carbon steel, can be loaded on this machine and work in good condition
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This Machine with 60a chinese made plasma source, or you can also choose usa made plasma source, the later will have better cutting result. And working size can also customized according to your requirements.

1. Unique structure: Gantry structure, double motor driver of Y axis .Light beam design, linear guide rail, high accuracy, stable transmission.
2. Untouched plasma head, small cutting edge, no cutting residue.
3. Water cooling system avoids the distortion of metal board.
4. High cutting speed, low cost.
5. Advanced numeral control system, stable performance.
6. Software compatibility: Ucancam, Type 3, Artcum, etc.
7. Success ratio of arc striking can be over 99%.
8. Application area: Metal sheets such as Iron sheets, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets. Titanium Plates.


CNC plasma cutting machine parameter


DW1325 cnc plasma cutting machine

Working area


Cutting thickness

0.5 to 15mm ( cutting ability is different according to the plasma source power)

Cutting speed




Input voltage

3-phase 380V ( can be customized according to your country voltage)

Frequency of power


Plasma Current

60A option: 100a 160a 200a and imported plasma source 

Document transmission form

USB interface

Working form

Untouched arc striking

Optional Power Source

H y p e r t h e r m , Cut-Master

Control system


Use china brand plasma source or option with imported, both have good performance, best cutting result

Transmission method, this machine use linear guide rail and rack-gear for machine moving, with high power stepper motor, machine works stably and accurate, so the cutting result is very good

High quality plasma cutting head, enhance the cutting result



This machine can be used for all kinds of metal materials cutting

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