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  • 40W 50W 60W Nonmetal CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

    40W /50W /60W Nonmetal CO2 Laser Engraving Machine This machine is mainly used for non-metal materials engraving, with 40w 50w or 60w co2 laser, can engrave very delicate engraving work, like photo engraving. Product Overview: 1. This kind machine, occupy limited place, the...
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  • 5.5kw CNC Woodworking Machine

    5.5kw CNC Woodworking Machine Machine Features : 1. Structures :integrally cast lathe bed, solid and stable ,high rigidity and high accuracy. 2 . Movement parts :Imported high accuracy ball screw ensures more stable movement and high accuracy (0.05mm). Square linear rails...
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  • Metal and Nonmetal Diode and CO2 Laser Engraver

    Metal and Nonmetal Diode and CO2 Laser Engraver not only can mark on the metal materials and also can engrave on the nonmetal materials. It also can cut the nonmetal materials such as acrylic ,leather ,MDF. garment , etc.
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  • Advertising Woodworking CNC Router

    Advertising Woodworking CNC Router
    Type: Engraving Router
    Spindle Number: Single-Spindle
    Controlling Mode: CNC
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  • CNC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine with Sealed CO2 Laser Tube CE/FDA Certificate

    CNC CO2 laser cutting machine with 40W sealed CO2 laser tube Performance: DW5040 is a mini and useful laser processing machine with special design and engraving/cutting property. As strong inner framework, ensure the machine keep high stability, keep the shape well for a long...
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  • Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

    Desktop Laser Engraving Machine
    *Designed for engraving nonmetals and painted metals.
    *Unique designed engraving motion system with , providing efficiency work.
    *Max.Practical Engraving Speed 60000mm/s.
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  • 9kw CNC Woodworking Machine

    9kw CNC Woodworking Machine Machine Features : 1)The machine’s body is strong, high-precision, reliable and durable. 2)Imported high precision ball screw, which moving smoothly,to ensure the machine's high precision. 3) Well-known Italian HSD ATC spindle, strong cutting...
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  • 4 Axis Woodworking Machine

    4 Axis Woodworking Machine
    -Well capability: CAD/CAD designing software (type 3/ ArtCAM/ Castmate/ Wentai etc)
    -Vacuum table with 6 vacuum zones, which can absorb different size materials.
    -The vacuum cleaning system offers a clean working environment.
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  • Desktop Advertising CNC Router

    Desktop Advertising CNC Router
    1. the whole bed by vibration aging treatment, be sure to use solid shape.
    2. adopting strict control motor drives, power, high precision.
    3. the XY axis high-precision rack drive, Z axis ball screw Germany, high accuracy,...
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  • Granite CNC Router

    Machine Features : 1. Whole machine is welded with thick square seamless steel structure; the stability is excellent, not easy to be deformed. 2. Three axes adopt high precision square orbit; X and Y axes adopt rack and pinion transmission, fast working, high efficiency and...
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  • Advertising Letter Cutting CNC Router

    Advertising Letter Cutting CNC Router
    -Using precision rack, high life, fast.
    -Welding bed, strength, rigidity, machine loading large.
    -Main configuration are imported, the joint venture brand components, stable performance.
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  • 6090 Advertising CNC Router

    6090 Advertising CNC Router
    The machine specifically for the development and design of the three dimensional relief carving of antique furniture, high precision, high speed, fully meet the various requirements of carved required, three Head can be controlled separately.
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